About TMP

The founders of TMP have been Waiver and ICF providers since 1985. They have also been technology providers since 1999. This unique blend of experience and skills has produced an Enterprise Software System that is designed by providers for providers.

Our team is comprised of Nurses, QIDPs, Case Managers, Service Coordinators, Behavioral Analysts, Direct Support Professionals, Quality Assurance Specialists, Business Analysts, Compliance Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers, Technical Support, Professional Services Personnel, and Customer Support Personnel

We collaborate with our customers and value their input into the design and functionality of our system.

We regularly receive input from Direct Support Professionals that is critical in the implementation of services and plays a key role in design functionality of the system.

TMP Technologies Inc. is based in Texas.

We are SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA, HITECH certified.


Larry Hill

Larry Hill



Gary West

Gary West



Todd Casey

Chief Technology Officer


Eric Dodd

Eric Dodd

Vice President of Sales