Is the Workforce Crisis a strain on you? Would faster onboarding of employees be a benefit? Would you like to receive accurate and timely reimbursements? Would having critical information at your fingertips help you make better decisions and provide better care?

Our IDD software platform was designed to help address these issues and more.


Is the Labor Crisis impacting your Providers? Can you see a path to successful MCO implementation with the data you have? Would predictive analytics for incident prevention and cost management help improve outcomes and your budgeting process?

Our IDD software platform was designed to help you address these issues and more. 


We are shining a light on the IDD Community with featured stories of innovation, resource links, and a list of the associations we partner with to drive innovation and better outcomes for this vulnerable community. 

“We can innovate at the bedside
thanks to TMP’s software.”

Dr. Shauen Howard | National provider 


Our commitment to innovation is driven by our passion for improving the lives of the cared for and those caring for them (our mission)! Providers and caregivers are confronted with challenging situations every day. We know that. We are a provider too. In fact, a recent survey of over 1600 community service providers serving those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) revealed the following:

  1. 52% reported having increased staff overtime expenses by an average of $28,000 per month.
  2. The average DSP turnover ratio at 1 year was just under 60%.
  3. More than 50% of providers reported having less than 3 months cash reserves.
  4. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 68% of survey respondents reported having to close one or more service lines, resulting in an average of 32% of revenue.

Our vision is for a robust and thriving provider community where employees want to stay and love what they do. With innovative products we will make it happen!


Our IDD software platform is designed address the challenges that IDD service providers are facing every day. As new challenges arise, we address them head on.

When we first started developing TMPs IDD software platform, our first challenge was to to connect to all points in the care process. We successfully bridged the chasm of information needed from the point of care to the relevant clinicians (nurses, doctors, QIDPs, behavioral specialists, and other therapies.) We collected critical observations from the care team and compiled the data to deliver person-centered care plans and on-demand training that continue to result in better care and better outcomes for IDD clients.

We didn’t stop there. From onboarding a new employee to finishing an IDD audit, delivering IDD telemedicine to pharmacy integration/HL7, we knew if the system was not intuitive and user friendly, user adoption would be at risk. So we created a “Yellow Brick Road” for Direct Service Providers (DSPs).


We partner with care teams, fellow provider agencies, and our customers to design new features, APIs, workflows, etc. for our platform.

Only through collaboration have we been able to deliver the following innovating software solutions features:

  • For the DSPs, our platform intelligently builds a “follow the yellow brick road” map to ensure accurate and complete care is delivered to every individual. It is immediately apparent to skilled caregivers (medical staff and case managers) when a care plan item was not completed.
  • Intuitive workflows, incident reporting and management, person-centered monitoring helps to increase success and avoid failures.
  • Set parameters for intelligent proactive notifications for the entire care team to anticipate and prevent medical and behavioral events to reduce the incidents of acute care events.
  • Smart Incident Guidance and Life Planning System allows care staff to intelligently gather critical and accurate data in the moment, engage the entire care team for immediate support, and make post-event evaluations that prevent future occurrences and thereby prevent ER, Hospitalization events (acute care).
  • Our technology intelligently tracks services that are delivered over a large population, this facilitates evaluation to: ensure funds are spent on the individual as intended, identify waste and underutilization, and evaluate where preventive measures could reduce costs.

    Innovation is in our DNA.

    Many years ago when we started looking for a software platform to run our IDD provider agency we found many who could deliver basic EHR software that records input. But there was not a system on the market that turned that input into data, then used that data to create intelligent person-centered workflows that would positively impact care delivery, increase our margins, stabilize our workforce, and improve client outcomes.

    So we decided to build one.

    – Larry Hill, Founder of Taskmaster Pro

    Transforms Discontinuity of Care to Continuity of Care

    Enables Accurate and Timely Reimbursements from Payers

    Stabilizes Beds and Your Workforce

    Reduces Acute Care Events and Empty Beds

    Our IDD software platform
    solution features

    Our IDD software platform is designed by Service Providers for Service Providers whether they be state or independently owned. We solved the challenges we had caring for our IDD community by designing a software platform so easy to use, so intelligent, so robust, that now caregiving can remain the focus and not the afterthought.

    Check out some of the highlighted features.

    Got more questions? Let’s talk.

    Intelligent Scheduling
    Our Intelligent Scheduling module is populated with tasks that must be accomplished for a client (person-centered plan). Each day, the staff (QDIPs, QMRPs, DSPs) have a guided pathway, directing their activity while documenting progress (and consumption of service), outcomes. The staff’s administrative work is reduced providing more time to care for clients, resulting in happier clients, less stress to staff, more job satisfaction and retention.
    Integrated Processes for Staff

    From scheduling to execution, the processes for conducting client care are integrated. A given task may require work by a QDIP followed up by a DSP. In this case the scheduled task will be tracked and upon completion by first staff member, the task will be placed on the second staff members schedule, as needed until the task is complete. The system provides “guardrails” to keep staff focused on the best level of care, avoiding issues, streamlined and documented. The outcome is efficiency and collaboration among staff, better care, less administration.

    Incident Management

    Our unique incident management module (IBAM) provides a standard way to report and record client incidents/accidents to all parties immediately. Responders find up-to-date information about what happened and can immediately contribute to taking the appropriate measures and resolving the incident. The incidents are tracked and learnings about how to avoid future incidents are mined from the incidents database. Results: less incidents, therefore less ER and Hospital utilization and less empty beds for the provider, and happy clients, less stressed staff.

    In-Line Training

    Our training module alerts staff when they need to be trained in order to properly care for a client and meet healthcare standards and compliance. For example, a DSP may be called to tend to a client and the system will identify the skills needed for the task to be performed. In absence of the skill, a DSP will be lead through virtual training, examination and finally training certification before tending a client. The training module tracks performance and outcomes of staff activities so that compliance tracking can be reported.

    Logs Management & Authorized Payment

    All our processes are integrated, log management and payment are no exception. To ensure no payment delay, our logs are scrubbed at the time work is being provided. Before a service is provided, the client’s authorized services are checked and staff alerted. All service provision is recorded by system, matched against logs and used to scrub payment requests before they are sent for payment. The system provides clean, documented, payment requests that result in better AR and cash flow for providers.

    Rapid, Assisted Compliance Documentation

    All required and necessary documentation is tracked by our system. Care professionals are led quickly through required documentation with platform-assisted filling of data, no repetitive entry of information; it’s fast and accurate. Compliance data is gathered and tracked in-line with care so that when compliance reporting is due, at the push of a button, it can be completed in minutes versus, hours or days. Professionals have more time to care for clients as the paperwork has been eliminated.

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