This is the word that describes 99% of what QIDPs / QDDPs feel when communicating feelings about their job. If you are a QIDP or QDDP you probably can relate to this.

Monthly/quarterly reviews, monitoring outcomes, heading up team meetings, documenting, completing ISPs, and incident reporting (i.e. responding to and informing team members) are just some of the responsibilities that can overwhelm QIDPs.

All these tasks begin to master you rather than you mastering them. Many Qs feel the life draining from them as they try to meet so many regulatory requirements … and it never ends.

Here. Now.

Help is here. How would you like to complete a quarterly review in 20 minutes or communicate important messages to anyone in your organization in seconds without worrying about HIPAA violations? How would you like to schedule outcome/objectives, track all of your reports, and respond to incidents – within minutes – while working from your office or mobile environment?

TaskMaster Pro can provide relief to you as a QIDP / QDDP while giving you the ability to actually visit and engage with the individuals for whom you are creating, implementing, and monitoring programs.

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