Simple, secure software for care providers

In an overly complex regulatory environment, providers are burdened by exhaustive documentation requirements, which are often costly and time-consuming to track and process.

TaskMaster Pro was designed by ICF/Waiver providers and infused with cutting edge technology for a comprehensive solution packed with powerful features in an easy to use interface.

TaskMaster Pro takes advantage of today’s cloud computing capabilities to minimize client support requirements while providing access wherever an Internet connection can be made. Security, simplicity, and satisfaction, that’s TaskMaster Pro!

The Challenge

Traditional Data Tracking

With traditional data tracking systems, a heavy emphasis is placed on regulatory guidelines, which shifts the focus of the direct care providers to that of compliance. This shift causes a break in the flow of quality care, leaves the clients with impersonal care, and creates fragmentation in the system.

The Solution

TaskMaster Pro

TaskMaster Pro streamlines regulatory compliance by helping to automate the quality assurance processes. In turn this improves the reporting accuracy of direct care providers and increases overall efficiency. The flow of information is orderly and dynamic allowing for improved client care and improved operations.

Client Testimonial

TaskMaster Pro is one of the most all-inclusive programs for Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF-DD’s). We are very pleased with the efficiency that has been obtained since our implementations.

Throughout our conversion process, TMP staff were most helpful with training, and were always available for follow-up concerns/suggestions. We are VERY pleased with the program and look forward to additional features as TMP is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our residents and staff.

I highly recommend this program to other facilities.

Michelle C. Watson, MBA, Controller
Holy Angels Residential Facility
Shreveport, LA

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ICF / HCS Waiver Services, IDD EHR Software for Providers

How would you like for your QIDPs, Case Managers, Nurses, and other members of your staff to enjoy their jobs and look forward to coming to work knowing they have a virtual assistant in TaskMaster Pro? We can enhance your organization’s systems, automate cumbersome tasks, eliminate duplicate efforts, and reduce the cost of delivering services; positively impacting your bottom line. Most importantly, with TaskMaster Pro, you can transform your resources to focus on those you serve rather than processing paper and jumping through often cumbersome regulatory hoops.

You’re In Control

TaskMaster Pro puts you in control with customized settings and access levels that allow you to use the system your way!


In today’s world, being mobile is essential to managing and responding to the IDD population you serve.

TaskMaster Pro allows ICF–IDD and Waiver Providers to manage their programs from anywhere, allowing for quick responses from Nurses, QIDPs (QDDPs, QMRPs), Program Managers, Case Managers, Administrators and Behavioral Analysts.


Our cloud-based software application allows all levels of staff (direct support professionals, QIDP (QDDP, QMRP), Case Managers, Nurses, Service Coordinators) to report incidents/accidents, both medically and behaviorally related to those assigned to caseload. Stop passing the paper documents around and “get on the same page” with our exclusive “IBAM” reporting system.

Enhanced Billing

Reduce recoupment and lost billing through our HCS Waiver Services billing logs system. Your IDD team can schedule, track and QA billing logs, while streamlining and improving your clean bill rate.

TaskMaster Pro reduces non-billable time and shifts efforts toward client-focused billable tasks.


Increase your resources without increasing your personnel, allowing you to grow in a more cost-effective model.

Electronic Digital Signature brings consistency to documentation. Signing as tasks are completed both maintains the integrity of the document and greatly reduces printing and filing costs.


Increase your fee for service nursing billing! With RN Delegation, track, delegate, and train in a seamless system that allows your nurses to focus on nursing and training. Complete comprehensive nursing assessments and respond to doctors’ orders. Generate and schedule MARs from anywhere at any time, knowing so many of those appointments happen after hours.


Communication is greatly enhanced through your entire organization, linking all locations: Administration, Group Homes, Foster Companion Care, Guardian/LAR, Day Habilitation Sites, and Consultants such as Pharmacies.


You don’t need an IT department to use the application, we have you covered. Your information is securely backed up in multiple locations with multiple copies so you can rest assured your information is protected. We hear stories of providers losing paper charts in fires, hurricanes or theft. With TaskMaster Pro that is no longer a problem. Even if a computer is damaged, your information is safe with us.

The Solution

TaskMaster Pro can help you achieve all this. We know. We are also providers of IDD Services.

Get off the crazy regulatory paper “treadmill.” Invest in a long-term solution and equip your organization to be more time and cost efficient. Our team can assist your organization in transitioning from paper or splintered multiple programs to TMP.

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