ISS Documentation Made Easy

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Remove the headaches and stress associated with Texas ISS documentation.

Documentation goes from hours to minutes
Produce clean ISS billing logs for submission
~60% more efficient than paper documentation systems
No lapses in billing reimbursement
Eliminate paper and the headaches associated with it!
Increase management capacity
Mitigate risk to your clients and your business
The easiest way to manage your ISS service delivery

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Why clients choose TMP’s ISS module

Massive time, money, and labor savings.

Experience a workflow revolution. As one client stated…”Previously it took us 1.5 hours to document 8 clients. Now it takes 2 minutes to do 16 clients! Thanks TMP!”

We Know What Works

TMP identifies roadblocks and complications through our own provider agencies, building solutions that will truly save you time, help you delivery better care, and improve your bottom line.

Electronic health records are more secure

TMP’s SOC II certification allows for secure email and video conferencing within your dashboard.

Search and find documents when you need them

Be it an audit or an emergency, TMP puts quick access to the right documentation at your fingertips.

Increased bottom line = Better staff retention

Leverage the ISS module ROI to increase your bottom line, pay your DSPs more, and retain your top staff.

Built By Providers

TMP’s ISS module goes beyond a simple piece of paper documentation. All development is rigorously tested in the field prior to release.

“Taskmaster Pro has been one of our best investments yet, our productivity has increased, better connection with our staff and providers, and with the new ISS module, has helped us transition into delivering a more productive Individualized Skills and Socialization service to our clients. They are innovative and very responsive to any issues or concerns, very personable and willing to help you. I would highly recommend them for your business.”

David Martinez

Quality Assurance Officer at Homelife

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