TMP in the IDD Community

Shining a light on the IDD Community

TMP is absolutely passionate about improving the lives of the cared for and those caring for them. In fact, TMP was born out of the search in our provider business for a software platform that would do more than just record activities. Since opening our providership in the early 1990’s, we have been blessed to work with many in the IDD community for this purpose.

So whether it is lobbying for higher standards or serving our clients on a daily basis through IDD care services and developmental disabilities provider software, we have seen so many who share our passion.

Enabling Better Care

TMP’s software has a direct impact in our IDD communities and we like to celebrate success, whether big or small. Sometimes it’s the incremental improvements that are so powerful in changing people’s lives.

IDD Community Associations 

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TMP Successfully Completes a SOC 2 Assessment to Further Data Security