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Our Story

Years ago, when TMP Founder Larry Hill started looking for a superior software platform for his IDD provider agencies, all he could find was underdeveloped form and report systems. 

Larry knew there had to be a better IDD software solution. One that would be innovative enough to leverage collected data to create intelligent virtual workflows, yet simple enough for Direct Service Providers (DSPs) and other care staff to easily follow.

After building an incredible team, Larry set out to bring real change to the IDD community, combining his ongoing experience as an IDD provider and IDD community advocate, and leveraging it into a dynamic software platform that is constantly evolving to better serve both IDD providers and the individuals in their care.

Today, TMP’s IDD software platform proudly serves providers of all sizes, including some of the largest providers in the country.

Our Mission

To enable providers to effectively manage their business while delivering the best possible care for those they serve.

Our Vision

Use case management software technology to radically improve resource allocation in the IDD community. By reducing acute care costs, increasing staff time with clients and increasing the number served, not only will we build exceptional lives for those who are intellectually or developmentally disabled, but we will help build and support sustainable provider agencies who will continue to provide great care for years to come.

Leadership Team

Larry Hill Biography

Larry and his wife have 6 awesome children, two wonderful son-in-law’s and one precious granddaughter. 
His greatest passion is his relationship with God and his family.

Larry is the founder “Hill Resources Inc.” and “Living Resources LLC”, ICF and Waiver providers serving the Texas IDD population.
He is a founding member of PACSTX – Providers Alliance for Community Services Texas. Larry served as a four-term board member and chairman of the IT committee. He is actively involved in promoting new technologies.

Larry was fortunate to Partner in several technology companies focused on enhancing the lives of people.

He is the Founder of TMP – Taskmaster Pro Technologies. He is passionate about unleashing the power of technology to innovate provider systems and workflows, freeing time and resources to achieve excellence in the delivery of care.

He is an ACU Graduate – BS, with Post Graduate Studies.

Gary West Biography

Bio - Gary is a husband and father to three great kids. Before joining TMP, he was involved in the development or management of several software ventures. With the associated companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500, the products of these firms were focused in the financial and education sectors. As CEO of TaskMaster Pro Gary is responsible for delivering results in all facets of the company’s performance.

Outside of work Gary and his family enjoy travel and outdoor activities. He holds a BBA with an emphasis in Accounting from Abilene Christian University and an MBA from Texas Tech University.

Wali Khan Biography

Wali Khan is Chief Technology Officer at TaskMaster Pro where he leads a globally distributed and diverse team of technologists responsible for building and operating the company’s flagship innovative product and platform.

He brings close to two decades of experience in enterprise product engineering with expertise in healthcare technology solutions. Prior to joining TaskMaster Pro, he has held multiple leadership roles while building effective teams and growing them into successful engineering organizations.

Wali holds a Masters in Computer Science from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, India. He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife and two adorable daughters.

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