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TMP Software Benefits Overview

TMP IDD software is flexible, adaptable, and expandable to meet the requirements of your state. Our agility and commitment to constant development enables our team to intake customer feedback and tailor TMP to the specific needs of your provider organization. Being providers ourselves, we know the complex problems faced by IDD providers on a daily basis.

TMP is the flexible solution your organization needs now, and for the future.

Dynamic Impact - Measurable Results

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System Uptime

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More Efficient

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Acute Care Cost Reduction

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New user training time under two hours

Increased Management Capacity

  • TMP provides an unparalleled ability to know both the micro and macro status of your business, enabling you to leverage operational data and standardization practices.
  • TMP closes the gaps in your care management – leading to better service, better revenues.
  • Enterprise capacity – TMP’s software is designed for scale and able to serve any size provider.
  • 30% average reduction in acute care cost
  • Up to 60% more efficient than paper documentation systems.
  • Data based decision making.
  • Increase billable activities while decreasing non-billable activities. Billing oversight, ease of billing, improved Medicaid reimbursement.
  • Affordable
  • Secure for HIPAA

ROI Opportunities

A Better Experience for DSPs

Attract, train and retain quality staff. Care staff who use TMP on a daily basis experience better workplace transparency, clarity in expectations/daily tasks, and have more time to spend delivering care instead of tedious paperwork. Minimizing time spent doing documentation and other clerical work creates a more enjoyable work environment for your staff.

  • TMP provides a ‘Yellow Brock Road’ workflow that purposefully guides your staff through their tasks and documentation.
  • Permission and role-based access improves managerial control and helps to keep staff focused on their responsibilities.
  • Simple-to-use cloud-based documentation system eliminates paper and effortlessly guides your DSPs through their daily tasks.
  • Documentation goes from hours to minutes.
  • Secure communication channels allow DSPs to directly share critical health information and instant feedback which help create actionable plans that drive dynamic results.
  • Simple incident management logs.
  • Comprehensive checkboxes allow DSPs to breeze through documentation accurately.
  • DSPs love TMP – attract and retain quality staff who prefer to work with TMP’s software.

Deliver Better Results for Your Clients

  • TMP ensures your care plan is executed as planned and no one is left behind.
  • Streamlined data, communication, and planning coordination ensure your clients receive the best possible care your organization can deliver.
  • Real-time reporting and alerts reduce acute-care events and help keep clients out of the ER or hospital.
  • Analytics can be leveraged to identify and treat behavioral incidents before they occur.
  • Location or client-specific training ensures care staff is educated prior to service delivery.
  • DSPs spend less time documenting and more time providing care services.

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Our Clients

National Provider
VP of Quality Support

“TMP provides the visibility needed to manage our national IDD service line.”

National Provider
VP of Quality Support

“TMP adapts to different case scenarios and calendarizes care delivery.”

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