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Addressing the DSP Labor Crisis

Reallocating Costs Between Acute Care and Long-Term Support Services

Seamless Adoption of MCO Models for the IDD Population

Medical Care Integrated with IDD Specific Behavioral Tools and Industry Norms

Addressing the DSP Labor Crisis

Our industry faces some monumental challenges when it comes to the DSP workforce crisis. Impossible employee retention rates lead to challenges in training new staff. Faithful and loyal DSP’s are overburdened, have reduced job satisfaction, and too little time to deliver care. At TMP, we want to be part of the solution!

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Our IDD software addresses these issues by:

Leveraging our platform’s Intelligent Care Scheduling, which mitigates administrative burden, reduces stress, and increases job satisfaction.
By providing a virtual on demand training system that essentially “clones” your consultants, managers, and clinical staff. This increases consistency and efficiency. .
The training tools in our platform help deliver a well-trained, more stable and satisfied DSP workforce..

Reallocating Costs between Acute Care and Long Term Support Services

Inefficiencies inherent in today’s IDD service environment result in reactive medical care where funds are misdirected to acute care. However, with TMP you can begin to shift the funds to proactively serve the long-term support market rather than using funds in a reactive manner.

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Our IDD software addresses these issues by:

Providing various preventative care tools and processes through data cultivation resulting in a more collaborative care model rather than reactive care model.

Amalgamating the data from traditional practice area silos, creating a 360 degree view of the individuals’ data and needs, which results in higher quality of life and lower operational costs.
Integrating processes that allow staff to spend more time on care, resulting in fewer acute-care incidents.

Seamless Adoption of MCO Models for IDD Population

Unless well managed, the transition to an MCO model can bring a reduced number of providers, constituents who are dissatisfied with governmental oversight, and frustration for the payer organization. Critical to success is simplifying the system and consolidating the data.  

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Our IDD software addresses these issues by:

Delivering savings of over 30% with smart billing and intelligent care scheduling.
Providing savings of over 40% with proactive and intentional “Yellow Brick Road” care workflows.
Enabling you to serve more clients with fewer resources resulting in shorter waitlists and better care delivery.

Medical Care Integrated with IDD Specific Behavioral Tools and Industry Norms

The challenge today is to have a multidisciplinary comprehensive view into an individuals’ needs. Incomplete data results in higher costs and discontinuity of care.

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Our IDD software addresses these issues by:

Serving as the single platform of Reference to a client. We provide the “platform of record” to the MCO’s, States, and providers so that they have a full view of the client’s care. This provides everyone invested with a clear view so the focus can be on care delivery, not administration.
Our platform provides quality measures and outcome tracking to efficiently manage client’s needs.
Our smart event tracking fosters individualized prevention programs that are easily deployed and adopted by all levels of staff.

Software features for Government Agencies & MCOs

Because we are a service provider, we knew our software would need to work not only for documenting service delivery, but also for our governmental and payment partners as well. We built specific features to solve the challenges of interfacing with these agencies, including: billing and payment logs, reporting, and incident management.

Check out some of the highlighted features.

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Intelligent Care Scheduling
The “Yellow Brick Road” nature of our care scheduling component indicates the tasks that must be accomplished for each client (a person-centered plan) every day. So the staff, (DSP’s, QDIPs, QMRPs, Nurses, and others) have a guided pathway, directing their activity while documenting client progress and outcomes. Administrative work is significantly reduced, providing more time to care for clients. The results: happier clients, less stress to staff, more job satisfaction, and greater retention.
Integrated Processes for Staff
From scheduling to execution, the processes for conducting client care are integrated. A given task may require work from a QDIP that is later followed by a DSP. In this case the scheduled task will be tracked, and upon completion by the first staff member, it will be placed on the second staff members schedulem, and so on. The system provides “guardrails” to keep staff focused. The outcome is efficiency and collaboration among staff, better care delivery, and less administration.
Incident Management

We call our incident tracking module the “IBAM”. That stands for Incident – Behavioral, Accident, or Medical related; but mostly, it’s really fun to say! This innovative system quickly gathers comprehensive data, provides a standard way to report that data and sends notice to all relevant care team members immediately.

Because the same system is used to manage the incident in real-time, the whole team has immediate access to up-to-date information and can instantly communicate to all parties.

Because the data set is so comprehensive it facilitates follow-up evaluation that show how to avoid future events. The results are: fewer incidents, lower ER and Hospital utilization, fewer empty beds for the provider, overall risk, and less stress for staff.

In-Line Training
Our training module alerts staff when they need to be trained. For example, a DSP may be called to provide support to an unfamiliar client or work in a new location. The system will identify the skills needed for the task(s) to be performed and lead the staff member through virtual training if required. On demand automated training and testing can be administered before care is delivered. Training and tracking, done!
Logs Management & Authorized Payment
All our processes are integrated, log management and payment are no exception. To ensure no payment delay, our logs are scrubbed at the time entries are made. The system provides clean, well documented, payment requests that result in better Accounts Receivables and cash flow.
Rapid, Assisted Compliance Documentation
Care professionals are led quickly through documentation processes with platform-assisted data completion. No repetitive entry of information, it’s fast and accurate. Compliance data is gathered and tracked simultaneously. This means compliance reporting can be completed at the push of a button. Thus, caregivers spend more time giving care and less time on paperwork.

Stories of Innovation in the IDD Community

It’s how you say it

When we met with Kenny, he was 22 years old and slated to return to institutionali-zation. He had been fending for himself since the age of 7. His mother died, and his long-haul trucker father did not care much for him and left him alone, and his step-mother abandoned him.

Improved quality of life… thanks to a little data

Debbie came to our organization after years of mismanaged medications and incomplete diagnosis. We knew Debbie had the ability to be part of a community, she just needed an opportunity to thrive, a purpose, and some self-esteem.

Flowers = joy

Tonya loved and still does love plants and nature. One of her biggest behavioral issues was running away. Through monitoring real time reports with TMP, the behaviorist quickly realized that Tonya was not running away—she was running TO the greenhouse to admire and enjoy the plants.

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