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Support Your DSP With These 5 T’s

In support of ANCOR’s annual DSP Recognition Week, it is a great time to share some opportunities to offer continued support to your direct care staff as they provide the I/DD community with amazing care and service.


Great support of your Direct Support Professionals starts with great training and setting up your care staff for success.

Management should seek a consistent, repeatable training process that will ensure their DSP staff can get up to speed quickly and uniformly. Consistent training ensures staff is armed with the right information to do their job to their full potential.

Successful provider organizations offer routine training updates that meet or exceed their state requirements. Some of the top software platforms available to I/DD providers offer training and learning management systems within their software, making it easy for providers to assign, track, and document training and certifications year-round.

Time Management

Proper time management is an important factor in any organization’s success.

When it comes to DSPs, reducing the amount of time spent on mundane tasks, paperwork and redundancies plays a large role in overall workplace satisfaction.

There is no side-stepping the fact that documentation needs to be completed, tasks checked off, and so on. However, adding efficient processes within your organization can shave minutes, or hours, off staff administrative tasks.

For smaller providers who may still be using paper documentation, reviewing your physical workflow may help you identify opportunities for improvement. For those ready to take their organization to the next level, adopting the right I/DD management software can help produce optimal efficiency within your team.

Documentation where redundant information is cross-populated, check-boxes enable DSPs to quickly log their actions, and fast data gathering are just a few examples of how you can make life easier for your DSPs. After all, NO ONE becomes a DSP for the paperwork. 


Providing transparency to your team is the idea that their work matters, their work is reviewed and approved as needed, and their work is recognized and rewarded when there is opportunity.

No one likes to feel alone in the workplace or like their ideas do not matter. Quality organizations realize there is no hierarchy to good ideas. They enable all levels of their team to provide thoughts and feedback when trying to improve processes and problem-solve.

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

Most people love being part of a team and great organizations continually strive to improve their company culture.

The feeling of camaraderie a team can share as they work to a specific goal or standard can directly impact employee happiness in the workplace.

Great management teams arm their DSPs with the best information and tools to do their job effectively. These tools could be a robust EHR software that allows them to quickly access client information and log their activities, or perhaps routine teambuilding exercises or employee benefits.

Each of the above suggestions can boost morale and overall employee retention. What does your organization do to keep your staff engaged and happy in their service?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry experienced an unprecedented boom in telehealth demand. Though the pandemic may be in the rearview mirror, the demand for video capabilities and remote health services has remained high.

Secure video conferencing, as you would find through TMP’s software, provides the ability for DSPs to avoid costly trips to the doctor or emergency room for simple issues.

For instance, if a client gets a cut or scrape, DSPs with telehealth options can video conference their superior or nurse to see if a hospital visit is warranted or if the injury can be treated on-site. The nurse can also guide the DSP through care if needed.

Using a secure telehealth platform, provider organizations can meet in groups and discuss specific medical information while remaining compliant with data and information protection policies.

This enhanced level of communication allows DSPs to more actively participate, which can lead to a more fulfilling workplace environment.

Bonus T = Technology

Providing the right tools for the job is essential in the support of your care staff.

As important as the previous 5 “T”s  are, the technology that supports those T’s will impact their effectiveness.

In 2023, relying on paper documentation processes presents providers with an unnecessarily high level of risk. Paper documentation is like sending money in the mail. Sure, it might get there, but do you want to take a risk of your hard-earned money being lost or stolen?

This is why the vast majority of people send money through platforms like Venmo, Paypal, or their local bank. It is safer, traceable, and provides a level of security that your money (or information) will get to where it needs to go, promptly.

I/DD case management software is more affordable than ever, and most software providers have flexible plans that will allow providers of any size the ability to adopt a system that is right for them. If you are unsure where to start, reach out and ask for a demo to see which software is right for you.

Super Bonus T – TMP

If you are looking for an amazing software solution that your DSPs will love, then TMP is a great option for you. Build by providers, for providers, every aspect of TMP was created out of the real-world needs identified through our provider agencies.

Because our workflows are so carefully crafted, tested, and constantly improved upon, we can deliver providers and their DSPs with the exact tools needed to most effectively execute their responsibilities.

Time after time, we hear from DSPs that rave about the platform, often quoted as saying “I will never work for another provider who does not use TMP.” Contact us today and we will be happy to show you why so many DSPs enjoy using our platform to deliver the best care possible.

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