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Texas ISS Program – 5 Reasons You Need TMP

In 2023, the state of Texas released updates to the ISS (Individualized Skills and Socialization) program that, while well-intentioned, has crafted a more complex landscape for ISS service providers who now must navigate a new, more complicated service program for their clients with minimal support structure other than a piece of reporting paper.

As an active advocate and activist for IDD care in Texas, Larry Hill (Founder of TMP and owner of multiple provider businesses serving the IDD community and ISS programs), saw this shortcoming on the horizon and knew a simple paper form would not be sufficient for managing this new program.

In order to effectively and monetarily manage system requirements, providers must implement a robust system that is comprised of well-designed workflows and guardrails to mitigate risk. A system that can maximize billable hours while limiting non-billable hours. A system that can make your day service profitable.

Fast forward to today and Taskmaster Pro has developed the state’s most comprehensive ISS management platform. During the current workforce crisis, TMP’s ISS module enables providers to do more with less while mitigating risk to their provider organizations and delivering the best possible service to their clients. Here are 5 reasons why your organization needs TMP’s ISS management system.

1. Implementing TMP = Make ISS Service Profitable

Here are some examples of how TMP will save your organization money.

  • Maximize your billable time while limiting your non-billable time.
  • TMP generates a billable log based on data entered into the system, reducing clerical errors and admin time.
  • ISS is now an HOURLY billable service instead of a day rates so your opportunity to lose money is much higher. Your staff needs to be quick and efficient with their administrative tasks (paperwork, reporting, etc) or it WILL cost you money.
  • For instance, a DSP fails to submit paperwork, or they submit paper documentation without the required information, so you have to run it down and get that information from them, or make them do it again (hours add up).
  • Or perhaps your DSP is a slow worker overall, spending hours to get the paperwork done by hand and then following whatever submission process is required to pass those documents along.
  • All of these variables, and more, create friction in your business and take a margin that is already razor-thin. 

2. Mitigate Risk – Remove the Guessing Game

Here are some examples of how TMP will provide risk mitigation:

  • State-required information is mandatory on all of our digital forms, ensuring you will not miss the vital information necessary.
  • MANAGE CARE RATIOS – TMP pulls direct care ratios for your staff (from elsewhere in TMP), taking the guesswork, decision time, and opportunity for error off the table. Less stress for the DSP (stress = errors) and less headache for management.
  • Information is cross-populated throughout the TMP system, reducing instances of repetitive entry and clerical errors.
  • Notification alerts can be sent to management whenever anything is documented outside of the set parameters in the system (the ratio is off, missing information in a document, etc).

Ask How TMP Helps IDD Providers in Texas

3. Save Time – Fast is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.

Here are some examples of how we help your company save time:

  • Massively reduce the time needed to fill out the required paperwork. Our research shows that it might take 1-1.5 hours to fill out ISS paperwork for just 8 clients. That same amount of work can be done in 5-10 minutes with TMP, essentially saving you an hour PER DAY per employee that submits paperwork.
  • That can be the difference between overtime, on time, or finishing early.
  • Eliminate over-communication. Your DSP logs into the system and immediately can see their instructions, print documentation, and can log required information into the system. Submitted reports can be reviewed instantly after submission. 
  • TMP automatically fills paperwork with standard data from elsewhere in the client’s profile, vastly reducing clerical errors and the need to revisit incorrect or incomplete documentation.

4. Do More with Less – Workforce Crisis

Here are some examples of how we help you do more with less:

  • TMP improves the daily work life of your DSPs and management.
  • Submitting necessary documentation is as simple as possible.
  • Repetitive information is auto populated from elsewhere in TMP.
  • Check boxes simplify the submission process.
  • Your DSPs will go from hours of paperwork down to minutes. Who wouldn’t like to spend less time doing paperwork?
  • Management can easily create actionable task lists and review those tasks as they are documented and submitted.
  • TMP’s unique technology provides accountability for both the DSP and management, significantly reducing or eliminating workplace disputes over performance, services delivered, or proper documentation.
  • We routinely receive compliments from both management staff and DSPs that the use of TMP will be mandatory for any future employment considerations.

5. Delivery Better Care – Manage Complex Problems with Simple Tools

Here are some examples of how TMP helps deliver better care:

  • Spend less time documenting and communicating with management. Spend more time with those you serve. More direct attention and focus will inevitably lead to more complete, well-rounded service.
  • Management delivers clear and concise objectives and instructions to their DSPs, removing the guesswork and interpretation, and keeping them focused on the task at hand.

In summary, Dayhab service in the state of Texas is more complicated than ever before. As such, the management of this service is much more complicated than a simple paper or electronic form. The new requirements, combined with the ongoing movement throughout your community as your staff delivers services, mean your organization need mobile tools that deliver clear, concise, and accurate reporting information, all in a timely manner.

TMP has built the most comprehensive tool for Texas ISS providers, and we look forward to sharing it with your organization. Click HERE for a demo or to learn more about our system.