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The TMP IDD Software Impact – Meet Kenny It’s HOW You Say It

The TMP IDD software platform was created out of the need for our provider organization (Hill Resources Inc.) to have a great documentation software, and current market offerings falling short of what we knew was possible. After over a decade of development and use in the IDD community, we are proud to share stories like Kenny’s to show how better, person-centered care is not only possible, it is our responsibility.

When we met with Kenny, he was 22 years old and slated to return to an institution. He had been fending for himself since the age of 7. His mother died, and his long-haul trucker father did not care much for him. He was often left alone and was ultimately abandoned by his father and stepmother.

The first few months Kenny was with our provider organization were very hard—fits of rage, destruction of property, and self-hatred engulfed him. We could only imagine how many times he was called stupid because anytime he would get mad he would yell “I’m NOT stupid.”

Over the months, we would make progress, but then Kenny would regress. To move Kenny from a disheveled, angry, and hopeless individual to a thriving member of a community, we leveraged a loving staff, a plan, and TMP’s collaborative person-centered IDD software to make sure everyone had real-time data and training specific to Kenny and his needs.

First, we addressed his poor self-esteem. Kenny had been called stupid so much that his self-perception was shattered. To build Kenny up, we immediately sent a training program, through TMP, to all staff that interacted with him. This training included videos of daily affirmations that they were to share with Kenny.

We collected data on which ones worked and documented incident reports anytime there was a behavior. By getting everyone aligned and delivering the same message, we saw quick results.

Second, we found out what didn’t work. With data collected from TMP, a story began to take shape. The data helped us quickly figure out that if we asked Kenny to do something, rather than telling him to do it, the response was 100% positive.

We immediately sent out training to everyone (through TMP), and no one told Kenny to do anything from that day forward. Instead of telling Kenny, “It’s time to brush your teeth”, we would ask, “Would you like to brush your teeth now or in a few minutes?”Outbursts dropped instantly! Our staff, leveraging our TMP software, performed a miracle. Today Kenny is thriving in the community with an “adopted” family that loves him and serves as his guardian.