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The TMP IDD Software Impact – Dianna’s Story Plants = Joy

The TMP IDD software platform was created out of the need for our provider organization (Hill Resources Inc.) to have a great documentation software, and current market offerings falling short of what we knew was possible. After over a decade of development and use in the IDD community, we are proud to share stories like Debbie’s to show how better care is not only possible, it is our responsibility. Read how TMP software can improve mental health as part of overall wellbeing.

Dianna’s Story

Dianna loves plants and nature. One of her biggest challenges was harming herself and verbally putting herself down. Her family of origin was abusive therefore left many scars to overcome.

Through monitoring real-time reports within the TMP software ecosystem, the behaviorist quickly realized that Dianna’s behavioral incidents occurred in all locations with the exception of when she was in the greenhouse or working with plants.

Upon further review of TMPs data, the behaviorist discovered several important factors. Two of the greenhouse staff were very affirming and made a point to express multiple affirmations on each shift. They equated her to a flower that was blooming and becoming more beautiful as time went on.

The behaviorist immediately expanded this approach of encouragement and affirmations throughout all points of care by deploying a short training video to assure staff turnover did not impede the progress others were making with Dianna.

Today she is literally a different person. A person filled with joy and hope!

Our data, combined with some thoughtful and caring staff, proved to be the key in unlocking Dianna’s dreams.

We assigned Dianna to a customer-facing job in the greenhouse serving community members as they purchase plants.

Now Dianna is blossoming and spends countless hours in the greenhouse working, teaching others her craft, and providing plants to local businesses.