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TMP Q&A – The Pharmacy Interface TMP Founder Larry Hill Discusses the Release of the TMP Pharmacy InterfaceTMP Q&A – The Pharmacy Interface

Q. Tell us, what is the Pharmacy Interface?

A. The Pharmacy Interface connects the TMP platform to your pharmacy, providing great value to providers, their clients, and the pharmacy as well.

Medication orders, as well as required documentation associated with those orders (doctor’s orders, benefits, side effects, etc.) are brought into TMP and nurses can review that information in real time. Nurses can process orders without having to receive faxes, drive to pick up paperwork or get on the phone. This streamlined process vastly reduces the nurse’s workload as it pertains to the medication process.

The Pharmacy Interface also drives improved functionality of other sections of TMP as certain data is automatically cross-populated throughout the system. When thinking about the Pharmacy Interface on a macro level, it mitigates risk, reduces stress, and increases billable time while decreasing non-billable time.

Q. Where did the idea of creating the pharmacy interface come from?

A. Since the conception of TMP, our main goal has been to interface with as many parts of the care process as possible, including the pharmacy, hospitals, doctors, etc.

The overarching idea is to maximize the amount of care in one ecosystem, reducing paperwork and opportunities for failure while achieving the goal of maximizing efficiency so that provider teams can spend more time with those in their care. This will directly contribute to better outcomes and better lives for everyone involved.

In terms of why we prioritized the Pharmacy Interface in development, we feel this interface will create the most impact on the nurses (reduction of workload) and a great financial impact for our provider clients.

As an industry dealing with the ongoing workforce crisis massively impacting providers, it is imperative that we place an emphasis on improving the day-to-day lives of our direct service professionals.

This interface is just one of many TMP features that contribute to why nurses and direct service professionals enjoy working with our platform and often share it as a prerequisite when considering new job opportunities.

Q. What is the overall goal of the pharmacy interface and how will it impact providers?

A. The main objective of the Pharmacy Interface is to reduce stress on everyone involved.

This is accomplished through decreased opportunities for errors (risk mitigation), improved quality of care, and increased billable activity for nursing staff.

Your nursing staff will see a direct impact via a reduction in workload, which will open up opportunities elsewhere. They will not need to make calls to ask about the status of medications, and the instructions for those medications will be easily referenced in the system, giving them clear and concise guidance.

Providers will see an increase in billable activity and a decrease in non-billable activity due to the removal of tedious, redundant, or time-consuming activities. Perhaps just as important, they will see a reduction in liability (risk management) as alerts are built into the system to notify the right team members right away if anything is not completed as assigned.

Those in your care receiving medication will see a reduction in errors. The implementation and distribution of medications are more timely, accurate, and safer. For us as developers, this is perhaps the greatest impact.

This level of care can be and should be free of stress, and the Pharmacy Interface will add great value to providers in these ways.

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“With our Pharmacy Integration module, TMP is redefining how providers partner with their pharmacy. This enhanced relationship will streamline operations and lighten the load for your nurses and support staff, resulting in more time with those in your care and improved outcomes.” 

Larry Hill – Founder of Taskmaster Pro (TMP)

Q. Can you help us visualize the process of not having the PI versus what the process is like once you implement the PI into your system?

A. This is a very simple process to visualize when broken down into the following steps.

Without the Pharmacy Interface…

  1. Person served visits a doctor
  2. Order travels back to the provider
  3. The provider delivers the order to the pharmacy
  4. The pharmacy sends fax/mail confirmation to the provider.
  5. The nurse must enter data into the system (adding more to their already overloaded plate)
  6. Medications are dispensed

With the Pharmacy Interface…

  1. The person served goes to the doctor
  2. Data appears in TMP
  3. Medications are dispensed

Q. What sort of impact do you expect providers to see from implementing the Pharmacy Interface?

A. One of the greatest impacts will be a higher degree of timely implementation and distribution of medications.

The Pharmacy Interface greatly speeds up the communication process, which can be the difference between getting an order back prior to the end of the day, or the end of the week, which can be extremely impactful. We want Individuals to be served as quickly as they need care, and anyone in this space knows that even a 24-hour delay can make a big difference.

On the staffing side, we remove stress and work from nurses and direct support professionals, directly leading to happier and more fulfilled nurses and less turnover in your workforce.

Q. How does the new PI create value for the pharmacies?

A. The Pharmacy Interface allows pharmacists to enter data into their system once and not have to take the time and energy to duplicate that information into another system.

This practice will save time and reduce the potential for error.

When the pharmacist enters information into the system, they know it is showing up in the provider’s system. Their instructions and other information are NOT being translated or cross-populated by another party, which is a great risk mitigation tool.

This workflow allows the pharmacist to support the provider in a more comprehensive way, eliminating previous areas of responsibility from the provider side, which is another massive reduction in the opportunity for error.

Q. What has the feedback been like from TMP clients and your providership?

A. The initial release of our Pharmacy Interface has been received very well. Our clients are loving the design, workflow, and anticipated impact of the implementation. As we continue to measure the real-world impact, we look forward to sharing more data.

Q. How can prospective or current clients get more information on the Pharmacy Interface to see how it can help them?

A. We are always happy to share information on our new releases, and the best way to learn more is to contact our amazing sales and support staff, who can walk you through all your questions directly.

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